Sjala Rowan Viride

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Märke/brand: Sjala

Mönster/pattern: Rowan

Färg/colour: Viride

Material/blend: 85% Cotton 15% Cashmere

Gsm: -

This tester from the Swedish brand Sjala, landed here a few days ago but I actually bought myself a size 4 of Viride before it’s arrival. I have been eyening this design for quite some time and Viride’s colors and blend was really apealling to me. I therefore went ahead and bought it just to be sure I wasn’t left without.

Having two sizes of Viride gives me the opportunity to see how it works both as a shorty and in a base size. And let me just start by saying that Viride is awesome in both sizes!

The blend of Viride is 15% cashmere and 85% cotton and the gsm is about 280. The pattern of Rowan is quite flat and the weave is pretty dense wich makes the wrap feel thin in hand. I love that in a wrap! It has a good stretch and recoil and it’s very easy to get the second pass on place on the babys back in a DH. There’s not that much grip so if your looking for a wrap that has a lot of that, this might not be for you. Viride is really moldable and tightening strand by strand is just so easy. The wrap that I bought were soft from the first wash and needed a minimum of breaking in. For me that is great, I don’t have the patience breaking in a wrap and it usually ends with me selling it.

I really enjoy Viride wrap in both sizes. I think it provides enough cush on the shoulders and support for my toddler in a single layer carry but it also absolutely shines in a DH! Both wraps I have at home are very “true to size” so those of you who are used to wraps being longer than the regular 4,7m for a size 6, might need a longer size.

The only reason I might prefer it as a shorty is that it works better as a scarf when my toddler wants to play on the ground. And it sure makes one hell of a scarf!!!


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