Sjala Rowan Sininen

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Märke/brand: Sjala

Mönster/pattern: Rowan

Färg/colour: Sininen

Material/blend: 90% cotton 5% linen 5% cashmere

Gsm: 300

I have had the opportunity to try the lovely Rowan Sininen from Swedish brand Sjala. The blend is 90% cotton, 5% cashmere and 5% linen, gsm is about 300. My wrap is a size six.

Sininen came to me pre washed so I can't really tell you how it would feel in loom but all washed and ready to wear it felt soft and mouldable. I believe breaking it in will be a piece of cake.

As with other Rowans I've tried (Viride and Silver), the weave is quite dense. It's not as dense as the Sjala wraps containing cashmere though, Sininen feels more airy and I actually think this might be a perfect summer wrap!

The stretch is nice and recoil is amazing. Many of the Sjala wraps I have tried have that in common and it's something I really appreciate.

Rowan Sininen has more glide than grip and it's very easy to get the second pass over the baby's back in a DH. Still, the surface is not silky like for example on Rowan Viride. I carry a 16 months old toddler who is the tiny kind of kid, but I believe Sininen would be great for heavier children as well. Even in single layer carries (at least for shorter walks). It provides some nice cush on the shoulders and it's not at all saggy in a simple ruck or fwcc.

Sininen means blue in Finish and this shade of blue is soooo pretty! The other side is also beautiful and the rails are flipped so it's your chioce wich side of Sininen you want to show off.

/ Lisa

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