Sjala AOTLThe Beach

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Märke/brand: Sjala

Mönster/pattern: All of these lines

Färg/colour: The Beach

Material/blend: 100% eco linen

Gsm: -

This gorgeous wrap from the Swedish brand Sjala has now lived with me for a couple of weeks and I thought I’d write a few words about it. The beach is one of three wraps in the release 11/5 2017. The other two are Millions (pink) and Sunshine (yellow). They are all made from 100% eco linen and woven in Klässbol, Sweden. The pattern is a modern graphic design with lines going in different directions and the colors are a beautiful turqoise on ecru. It’s name ‘the beach’ really sets it’s finger on the colors, the first thing that came to my mind when I opened the package was a Caribbean beach with clear blue water and fine white sand. Simply stunning!

So how does this thing wrap? The Beach arrived to me pre washed and was therefore a little bit softer than it would be in loom state. Still it’s 100% linen so it was not buttery soft straight from unpacking. It’s thin to medium in hand, densely woven but still airy and it has some of that charistic nubs and slubs that linen often has. Even though it was not broken in when I first started to wrap with, it was really easy to tighten. It’s quite flat and silky so getting the second pass on place in a double hammock is super easy. Since it’s linen there is not a lot of stretch and bounce but for me who prefer wraps with recoil and stretch were actually surprised of how good it feels on the shoulders. I don’t know how but despite that it’s thin and does not have a lot of stretch, it somehow provides some nice cush on the shoulders. It does not feel diggy at all!

Since this one is a size 6, I’ve mostly been using the Beach in a double hammock and the support of this wrap in DH is amazing! I carry a heavy toddler and didn’t feel any pressure on the shoulders after one hour of carrying. But it also works great in a ruck and it’s easy to quickly get a good wrap job when you’re in a hurry, as in my case with a tired and cranky toddler on my back.

It’s been rather cold here in Sweden so far this spring so I have not had the pleasure to try it out in warmer climat. But I imagine this wrap being absolutely amazing in hot weather! Linen is breatheable so it will keep you cool (in what way that is even possible when we are carrying out little ones in the summertime). Also it’s easy care which means you can put it in the washing machine and wash it in high tempartures, on a high speed and even tumble dry it. Another bonus is that it takes very little space when it’s folded which meens that you can perfectly fit it into your handbag when not carrying. All together that makes this wrap the perfect summer beater.

I would say that aotl the beach is suitable for all from baby to toddler. It’s really supportive with heavier kids in a multilayered carry. It aquires some breaking in before becoming soft and once broken in I think it would be wonderful with small babies aswell.

/ Hilda

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