Agossie Maria’s orchid

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Märke/brand: Agossie

Mönster/pattern: Orchid

Färg/colour: Maria’s

Material/blend: 100% cotton (34% organic cotton 66% mercerised Egyptian cotton)

Gsm: 280

Agossie is a dutch brand that are pretty new on the babywearing market and I believe that Maria’s Orchid is their second release.

Maria’s Orchid is an all cotton wrap with 34% organic cotton and 66% mercerised Egyptian cotton. It’s medium weight at ca 280 gsm. The design is a beautiful floral pattern and the color is, as my friend put it, the perfect “Matisse-blue”

This wrap came soft straight from the box and after a wash, some ironing and a first up it was even softer. The first thing that struck me was the shine of the wrap, it really is shiny! And the color, oh the color is something else! My OH told me he thought the wrap made me look like I had a bit of a tan. And let me start by saying that this time a year I am as pale as it gets… But I actually think he’s right, this shade of blue brings out all the good colors in my face and making my eyes pop a little. I absolutely LOVE that!

So how does it wrap? Well, it’s pretty dense and thin in hand and since it’s also soft it’s really easy to wrap with, needing minimal of breaking in. The pattern is quite flat and provides a good amount of glide. Getting the second pass on place on baby’s back in a double hammock is no problem at all and tightening strand by strand is easy too. It has a bit of a stretch to it which I love in a wrap, making it moldable and easy to get that tight chest belt in a double hammock. Even though the pattern is flat it still it has a bit of cush on the shoulders and I didn’t experience any digging at all carrying my 13kg toddler for a long walk.

If you prefer thicker wraps with a lot of cush or grip, this might not be for you. But if you like me, like wraps that are on the thinner side with a good stretch and moldability, you would probably love Maria’s Orchid!

As I am wrapping a 13kg heavy toddler, I prefer to use Maria’s orchid in a multi layer carry. I did try it in a ruck the other day and that worked just fine for a short time but for longer walks I would choose a more supportive carry. With that being said, this is a wrap that’s thin and soft enough for wrapping smaller babies and at the same time strong enough to carry a toddler. And the all cotton blend makes Maria’s orchid the perfect easy care for summer!

/ Hilda

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